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The Need

Durham County

Only 3 food pantries currently operate daily.
Multiple other pantries only operate 8 days or fewer per month.
Limited food pantry hours in the evening and in rural areas.

  • 300,952 Population
  • 17.1% Population living in poverty
  • 18.3% Population facing food insecurity



Only 2 food pantries currently operate daily in Chapel Hill and in Hillsborough.
A limited number of other pantries are open 4 days or fewer per month.

  • 141,354 Population
  • 14.3% Population living in poverty
  • 14.6% Population facing food insecurity


Estimated Food Distribution


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Catholic Charities

Durham Food Pantry


Central Durham

7,500 Sq. Ft. Building


  • Utilize the service delivery model currently in practice at the Catholic Charities Food Pantry in Raleigh which serves 8,500 individuals a month.
  • Open 6 days a week to serve the community. 
  • Include current Catholic Charities offices to provide comprehensive services to clients.
  • Partner with various faith-based and social service agencies who would assess and refer individuals.
  • Provide one week of groceries per visit to families. (Families may visit once every 30 days.)
  • Potentially offer other services including clothing or special emergency assistance.


Target Opening Date: 2O18

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