Director of Operations

Raleigh, NC
Job Description: At the direction of the Executive Director, this position will manage the overall functionality and operations of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Raleigh; set goals and objectives for the organization; oversee performance across operations and provide direction and leadership within the organization while establishing a customer service focus and culture that strives for continuous improvement.

Bilingual Clinical Counselor

Clayton, NC
Job Description: This position will provide culturally competent individual, marital, and family counseling services in accordance with professional and agency standards from St. Ann Parish in Clayton. Responsibilities will include performing psycho-social assessments, development and implementation of treatment plans, and evaluation of effectiveness of services. This position will support the Newton Grove Deanery and refer clients to the closest counseling provider if clients are unable to receive services at St. Ann Catholic Parish.

Intern Positions

Locations: Positions available in the Fayetteville Regional Office.
Required Qualifications: Interns must be able to provide Clinical Counseling to individuals, families, and/ or couples and Case Management under supervision. Interns will work with families who would benefit from in-depth assistance due to complex circumstances including domestic violence, job loss, anxiety, depression, and economic or other stressors. Interns must be actively enrolled in one of the Master’s Degree Programs mentioned above. Fluency in spoken and written Spanish as well as proven computer skills is a plus. Knowledge of and commitment to Catholic Social Teachings is required. Authorized to work in the U.S. EOE